Iranian-Italian Joint Mission in Khuzistan

Eight Campaign (October 1-November 15 2015)

Works continue in the Hellenistic and Parthian sanctuary at Kal-e Chendar, in the Valley of Shami. Main goals of the campaign are the widening of the trenches on the so-called Stein Terrace, the rescue excavation of the monumental tombs, and the survey of the defence systems of the site.

For more information on the mission, see: Projects - Iran - Khuzistan

Eighth European Conference of Iranian Studies

Eighth European Conference of Iranian Studies, St. Petersburg, September 15-19, 2015

The Societas Iranologica Europaea organizes at St. Petersburg the Eighth European Conference of Iranian Studies (September 15-19, 2015)

Nineveh, an Assyrian capital between past and present.

Venezia – Dorsoduro 1686, San Sebastiano, Aula Colonne, July, 8 – October, 31, 2015

The pictures of the reliefs of the Sennacherib’s “Palace without rivals”, displayed in the exhibition, were taken in 2002 during two survey campaigns aimed at producing an updated and detailed documentation of the state of preservation of the throne suite’s orthostats.