Presentation of the volume Handbook Hittite Empire. Power Structures.

30 | 06 | 2022

7th July 2022, 6:00 pm Museo Egizio Via Accademia delle Scienze 6, Torino.

On Thursday 7th July 2022, the Christian Greco (Director of the Museo Egizio) and Robert Rollinger (Professor at the University of Innsbruck) will present the volume Handbook Hittite Empire. Power Structures, edited by Professor Stefano de Martino (University of Turin, CRAST). The volume, the first in the series Empires through the Ages in Global Perspective, offers an analysis of the Hittite Empire from the economic, political and administrative points of view in a diachronic perspective, from the Old Kingdom until the fall of the Hatti state.