Afghanistan from prehistory to Islam

Exhibition of masterpieces from the Museum of Kabul

Turin, Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna, July-August 1961

This exhibition, promoted in 1961 by the then Centro Scavi dell’Ismeo e di Torino, displayed certain masterpieces, mainly sculptures, from the ample collection of the Kabul Museum. The primary intention was to illustrate, through this important material documentation, the cultural link between the Eastern and Western worlds, which has always been one of the preferred themes among the activities of the Centro Scavi di Torino. Afghanistan – at that time the scene of four years of excavation work by Centro Scavi – being a junction between the routes to China and India, has provided a clear example of this confluence of cultures and, at the same time, of all the problems related to the cultural and commercial relationships ascribable to this conflux.

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