Attività e Ricerca

Editorial series of the Centro Scavi Torino

The series, founded by Carlo Lippolis and published by Apice Libri, aims to present the results of archaeological activities and research that the specialists of the Centro Scavi Torino carry out in the Near East and Central Asia.

L’area archeologica di Tulul al-Baqarat


L’area archeologica di Tulul al-Baqarat. Gli scavi della missione italiana. Interim Report (2013-2019), in due volumi, contributi di Bruno, J., Quirico, E., Ragazzon, R. (Attività e Ricerca, 1), Sesto Fiorentino 2020.

Tulul al-Baqarat (Iraq) is located about 200 km south-east of Baghdad and represents a very ancient human settlement area. Since 2013, the Italian archaeological expedition of the Centro Scavi Torino and of the University of Turin carries out researches on the ancient landscape, undertaking surveys and excavations in some sectors of the area. The analysis led to the identification of one of the archaeological mounds with the ancient Sumerian shrine of the city of Keš which was dedicated, at least since the third millennium BCE, to the important goddess Nin-ḫur-saĝ; it was already known from cuneiform sources, but its location was until now unknown. Not far from this important religious center there is an another settlement which, based on the archaeological evidence, can be dated to the first centuries of the fourth millennium, a crucial and little known period that predates the birth of the first urban settlements in southern Mesopotamia.