Between 1999 and 2001, the IPAMED (Inventaire di Patrimoine de la Méditerranée) project foresaw the creation of a computerized map of Tunisia: its executive phase focused on the north-eastern part of the country, with special reference to the area immediately west of the roman site of Uthina. In years 2003-2005, a feasibility study for the management of the area of the Maalga and the Punic Ports in Chartage was carried out, on the basis of archaeological, topographic, geologic, geomorphologic, urban and financial surveys.

TUNISIA - Projects

  • he IPAMED (Inventaire du Patrimoine de la Méditerranée) project, presented in the context of the “Euromed Heritage I” program and financed by the European Community with the goal of exploiting
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  • The project for the cultural and environmental park of the Maalga and the area of the Punic Ports, which got under way in October 2003 and terminated in December 2005,
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