The Centro Scavi worked in Beirut in years 1994-1997, during the reconstruction of the city centre after the civil war: at that time, many European archaeological missions cooperated to document and safeguard the extraordinary archaeological heritage of the city. The Italian project, focused on Place de l’Etoile and included a photogrammetric survey of the portico that lined the southern side of the Roman Forum, an excavation campaign in the central area of the square and a topographical campaign. The study of the territory of Baalbek – carried out in the late 1990s-early 2000s – allowed to a better understanding of the settlements’ history of this very important area of the Beka’a Valley, from the Neolithic age to the early Umayyad period.

LEBANON - Projects

  • On the occasion of the city centre’s reconstruction after the civil war, many remains of Beirut's urbanistic and architectural history, from the Neolithic age to the time of the Ottoman
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  • n Lebanon, the Centro Scavi di Torino intervened by applying the methodologies prepared for the territory’s systematic study in the Baalbek area, making an interesting contribution to the reconstruction of
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